Чуть-чуть и Choo-Choo

"We are headed home from an amazing trip to Europe and Russia. So many new friends and memories!

Thank you all so much for the kind notes, words, hugs and gifts! I don't have enough words to express how much your kindness and friendship means to me. The teams in Amsterdam, Brussels and St. Petersburg were amazing, and once again I am reminded that the hardest part of doing these seminars is not the travel or preparations or even the seminar itself; it is making new friends then jumping on a plane to leave. But I never say good-bye; I only say "See you soon!"

Now for a bit of rest, time-zone adjustments, catching up on projects and preparing for the LA Homecoming in June!

As always, please feel free to share a favorite memory from the seminar you attended, or a word of encouragement to someone who doesn't know what my seminar is about. (I will use some of these on the website.)

A special shout-out (привет - Privyet!) to my dear friends in Russia: Spasibo! Spasibo! Spasibo! It was not easy leaving people who so quickly made us feel like family. What a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. I am counting down the days until we are able to return. It is a very special place, and I hope to never be a Stranger. Blessings my dear friends - пока мы не встретимся снова!


— at Frankfurt Airport".

И ведь уж точно его никто за язык не тянул, так что знай наших!:)))
Ну зайка же )))
и это "чуть-чуть" теперь всегда будет ассоциироваться с ним )))