New "The Wiz"
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В США состоялась национальная премьера нового мюзикла The Wiz. Так что теперь можно, посмотрев видео выше, сравнить качество фильма 1978 года и новой, хм, интерпретации. Тоже, кстати, "черной".

Песня You can't win звучит там с 25.20. Выглядит прискорбно, конечно. Хотя тот же крест со Страшилой и те же стервятники вокруг...
Полностью смотреть не тянет.

Лучше в который раз пересмотреть:

Квинси Джонс пишет в ФБ:
All this talk about ‪#‎TheWiz‬ is bringing me back to my days with the 1978 crew! I wasn’t initially enthusiastic about working on the project, but I’m glad I did because it was the first time I ever worked with Michael Jackson, who was only 19 at the time. It was also the project that reunited me with director, Sidney Lumet, who gave me my first American film-scoring big break by enlisting me to score The Pawnbroker back in 1964. Conducting, arranging, supervising & writing for The Wiz was no easy task, but in the end, the film stood for much more than just a remake of The Wizard of Oz. We were told that the max a studio could spend on a black film was only $500,000 & Gordy made it known that “this is not a black film—this is a film with black stars.” Even though it was rough getting the film to be shown in white theaters, I believe it was one of the catalysts towards getting black films to be shown in more expansive distribution channels. It didn’t happen immediately, but I guess the national premiere of The Wiz last night is a testament of how far we’ve come!

УПД: А вот Не-Йо в роли Дровосека сразу узнаваем, очень мил и как всегда пластичен.
ну, разве что сравнить.

Wiz 1978 года уже только из-за нью-йоркских декораций на порядок выигрывает.